Caras Enstradt is the current host of the Dracon, the nigh-omnipotent Force Conceptor, and leader of the Magnussari, a reluctant band of immensely powerful warriors, captured and forced into servitude by Dracon eons ago.

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Powers and Abilities

As the current host of the Dracon, Caras' physical capabilities have been augmented to the extreme. Capable of smashing through reinforced armor with her bare fists, there is no known material that can withstand a prolonged assault.

Her physical form is all but impervious to physical damage, and she maintains a high level of Energy resistance. However, she is still vulnerable to Psionic attacks, as well as Temporal and other metaphysical abilities.

In her Dragon Form, Caras gains the ability to project energy on a terrifying scale. Taking the form of dragon flames, her energy attacks are capable of obliterating planets and stars from a vast distance. She is unable to project energy in her human form, but is capable of casting Fire magic at an unparalleled level of power.