Project Corsair..

Project Corsair...?

An early video showing basic gameplay. Please note that this video contains RPG Maker XP Futuristic Tileset, and Oryx's Sprites.


"Evolve" is a single player action game, designed as a precursor to an Action RPG to be designed in the future.


The goal of the game is to reach the top of the tower alive, fighting monsters along the way.

The game is lost when the player runs out of Biomass - this is the "Health" resource, as well as the upgrade currency.

Biomass can be gained via killing enemies or opening boxes, and is lost when taking damage, and gradually over time, as a time-limit system.

The player can upgrade his character via the Evolution System , where the player can develop mutant strains to improve his firepower, defences, as well as other useful abilities. Each evolutionary step damages the genetic structure of the mutant strain, limiting the number of times the player can improve any individual mutation.

Each step can increase and modify attributes, as well as adding entirely new effects.


Playable Alpha (Flash)

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